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What The Cork........? All Corks are not made equal.....(cont'd)

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

........O.K.........where was I? Yeah......struggling to take out the cork. Slacking on my upper-body workout, am I getting weaker by the day? Long story short......myself (an expert cork expeller, if I say so myself) and two strong men could not remove the cork. At this point, I am feeling a bit perturbed......'cause I want to drink my wine, now, right now!

We even researched how to remove a cork......followed the directions and out it came! (Held a flame to the neck of the bottle, allowing the heat to release its grip from within). Singed our fingers a bit, but out the cork came. In melted elongated chunks. I actually had to scrape it from the inside of the neck so I wouldn't drink molten plastic along with the lovely vino. I was so worried about the "plastic", I failed to realize, the cork is actually made from plant based products. Quite, interesting, to say the least.

One last thing, I did not have to fret about!

Although, this vegan cork is environmentally friendly, and safe for humans, I will still enjoy wines with a traditional cork. What an experience, I was so fascinated by it!

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Crüology Vines
Crüology Vines
Aug 03, 2019

Thank You arodriguez1030!

All I know, is I HAD to get that cork out! It was well worth the wait. You must try it.....let Crüology Vines know how you liked it!


Loved this story! This is exactly something I would do, and I have to try this rose!

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