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Our Story

Crüology Vines, Inc.


What started off as a brief discussion of our love for wine became a passion.

We began first with recommendations and food pairings-that eventually led to the discovery of how wonderful it would be for two women of color to create a wine brand!

A brand that would review wines, dismantle the snotty taboos that are correlated with the wine culture; educate others on expansion of palates, and all the while sell beautiful wine merchandise...

Within a little over 2 years, we have been blessed to have had many accomplishments including WSET certification. We have been welcomed in the wine industry by some incredible individuals. We are so excited about where this wine journey is taking us! Wine is our passport and we have so many awesome travels ahead. 

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~Dulely and Theresa,

Crüology Vines, Inc. CEOs. 

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