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Is Wine Like Poetry?

While sipping on an amazing glass of vino at a NYC wine tasting, a very wise individual told my other half of Crüology Vines this salient nugget of advice. "The best way to learn about wine it to read about it. Read, read, read! Any and every kind of publications you can get your hands on......article, magazines and book!" Soooooo, as we take a liitle pasue from studying, this is so apropos......we live and sip by our phrase "All Thing Wine!"

Come along with us on our wine journey togther as we dive into the wines of sip at a time......o.k o.k lol maybe two or three sips at a time. Introducing.....Palmento: A Sicilian Wine Odyssey by Robert V. Camuto. Beginning in Sicily, our author takes us on his pilgrimage of intimate towns showcasing delicatble eateries and parings of wines sourced from near by villages. It is here we are introduced to the origins of cos.....what it is and how it became to be "a thriving symbol of the new Sicily.

That's it for now. We will give you all a chance to purchase the book before we drop all of the wine deets!

If you choose to partake, you can order at this link:

In the meantime, marinate on this......"Is Wine Like Poetry?" Let us know your thoughts!


Crüology Vines

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