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James Suckling Great Wines of the Andes

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

On October 3rd, 2019 we experienced one of the most fantastic wine tasting experiences

thus far-and it had James Suckling written all over it. We were able to try amazing varieties of wine from Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay all carefully selected and rated by James Suckling's tasting of 2,300 of the Andes region.

The location was buzzing with amazing conversations, distributors, food, and truly amazing wines.

We had the pleasure of meeting James Suckling himself, listening to his speech on why the wines of this region are often underrated and yet soo amazing. Our first choice was to try the one wine he rated 100 points: The 2015 Clos Apalta... the line of course was long so we tried multiple wines before getting a chance to sip this one.

It was earthy tasting and oaky pleasant but not what we expected to taste like 100 points.

We eventually migrated to trying the Santa Rita Triple C-and although it was not rated 100 points- it sure held what we thought was 100 points... it had something the other wines did not have- floral notes- subtle but very present.

Overall a great time. Overall amazing wines. Super excited to announce that we will be attending James Suckling's Great Wines of the World event next. week!!! Stay. tuned. for reviews, beautiful beach side wine pics and more....

If you ever truly want to experience wine-definitely check out for future events in your local city.

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