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'Made With Organically Grown Grapes.........Hmmmmmmmmm'

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Sooooooo healthy......Soooooo good for my body.....Noooo chemicals

What does all of this mean?

How do you choose your favorite wine? Do you care where and how your grapes are grown and cultivated? Or do you choose your wine based on taste? By definition, according to Miss Madeline from Wine Folly (my favorite wine books, make sure you purchase this one!), "in the United States-an organic wine must be made with organically grown grapes and NO added sulfites. In the EU, organic wines may contain sulfites but with lower maximums than non-organic wines." So does this mean organic wines of origin in the US are better for you than European organic wines? Applying this knowledge, would you choose US organics over the EU organics?

Not to sound morbid or anything, but here are my thoughts. I will continue to drink what I like, when I like, I don't think the added sulfites will shorten my lifespan significantly.......say then ,eating delicious pork belly and strips of maple bacon for breakfast, lunch, or well, hell, dinner, too for that matter!

So let's take a look at sulfites. What are they and how are they used in wine?

SO2 or sulphur dioxide, is a chemical compound made up of sulfur and oxygen. This compound is used as a preservative in the wine we drink, other beverages and a host of foods we believe that are healthy for us. The preservative is used to halt the growth of harmful microbes.

According to history, ancient Romans used SO2 to preserve the distinct taste of wine and to keep to fresh and lengthen "shelf-life". Simon Woolf, of states the following, "By law, wines that contain more than 10ppm (parts per million) sulfite must be labeled with the words "contains sulfite". There are also upper limits to how much sulfite a wine may contain but the regulations vary by region. In the European Union, wine may contain up to 210 ppm sulfites. The upper limit is 350 ppm."

"Does this mean sulfites in wine are harmful? Probably not, at least not in the minuscule amounts found in modern wines – typically 20-200 PPM. Compare that to a handful of dried fruit, which will have been dosed with anywhere from 500-3,000 PPM." Good thing we at Crüology Vines, love, love, love French Wines, but we will never, never, never, ever stop drinking a delicious Napa Valley Cab or any one of our favorite South American wines. *(Which ones???????? take a look at our IG page)

"Sulfites are probably not responsible for your hangover either, as Andrew Waterhouse, professor of enology at UC Davis, asserts: ‘There is no medical research data showing that sulfites cause headaches.’"

So stop saying that too! More than likely you have not been drinking enough water on a daily basis. Try this, drink 8 oz. of water, before your first glass and alternate between each glass of wine. It works for us!

Thank us later!

Wine Hugs xxxxx


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