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Miami, James Suckling, & Great Wines...

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

The palm trees,the cool yet warm breeze...the food-the WINE, Miami has it all...

And as we entered the Moore building for the James Suckling Great Wines Event...we couldn't help but grasp all of the excitement. The building was buzzing with amazing energy and with amazing wines. Four floors were. lined up with what seemed like endless options of top Wines of the World carefully selected by James Suckling.

The wines were all delicious (we must have sipped on at least 30 wines that night) but as we walked the different floors we believed that more people were there to drink it up then to explore the. amazing wines.

One wine that stood out was the Élu St Supéry Red. Aside from the bottle being so beautiful it was the one wine that stood out the most. This red blend opened up with aromas of dark fruit, blackberry & black plum. It was love at first sip-we experienced beautiful notes. of dark plum & cassis-hints of anise.What stood out the most was its. finish-silky, smooth yet bold with very present tannins. A wine that stood out among many big shot reds we sipped that evening. (see photo below)

The vibe was definitely different- we were even allowed to keep our glasses which was a nice perk.... let's hope when we visit his next tasting in New York we get that same privilege. If you have not gone to one of James Suckling's tastings please do-you'll get to seriously witness why he is one of the greatest wine critics of our time.

James Suckling and Co-Founder of Crüology Vines, Inc.

Another Favorite of the evening...

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