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Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Our first blurb, post COVID-19.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around what is going on.......but I am thankful for health and all the essential workers doing what they do to keep everyone healthy. For most of us, we are falling into two categories: snacking/wine exercise or just snacking. Right now, I am going to pump the breaks on sippin' and increase the exercise. I know everybody has been Netflix and sippin'.......So for the next couple of weeks I will focus on the best wine movies out there. I will sip vicariously through them.

Here is the list: (Thanks to

Uncorked A Year In Champagne Barolo Boys Bottle Shock

Somm3 A Year In Burgundy The Secret of Santa Vittoria

Somm You Will be My Son Blood Into Wine Sour Grapes

The Vineyard Wine Calling Decanted Mondovino

Red Obsession Somm: Into The Bottle A Good Year A Walk In The Clouds

A Heavenly Vintage Wine Country Year Of The Comet Sideways

Cheers to Health!


Crüology Vines xoxox

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