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Is Wine good for the waistline?

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

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Myth or Fact-is a glass of wine good for the waistline? After reading so many blog posts, I found that there were indeed some mixed messages regarding wine and weight loss. Some. blogs suggested that a glass or two of wine a day helps promote weight loss; while others were adamant about abstaining completely when trying to lose weight.

So can Wine and Weight loss go hand in hand?

That would honestly depend on a person's body. In 2015, I found myself with beautiful two and five year old daughters and 40 pounds heavier. I took initiative and lost all the weight by working out, eating clean, changing my lifestyle....without getting rid of two things-Coffee and Wine.

I'll mention here that there is also two factors to keep in mind-moderation- a glass or two with dinner AND that most wines I enjoyed (still do) are bolder which means higher tannins and less sugar. Does this work for everyone? Probably not- there are many people that prefer sweeter wines and may not be able to tolerate bold and drier wines. In essence, it may simply just boil down to an individual's palate and body type when it comes to wine and weight loss. Does this mean that those with love for bolder wines are the lucky ones in achieving weight loss goals? Perhaps, but for someone to put this theory in motion-they'd have to try it out and see...

My hypothesis is more about less deprivation and more moderation... That is how I've maintained my weight all these years AND most importantly-still managed to enjoy a beautiful and bold red glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

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